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    This guide will help researchers find helpful information at the NMSU Library.

    Need Help? Ask Us!

    Directories are a useful source of names and addresses for the genealogist.

    Call Number: CS44 .B46 1992
    ISBN: 080631348X
    Call Number: Z1250 .C76
    ISBN: 0838902464
    Publication Date: 1977-05-01
    Call Number: E172 .A466
    Call Number: Z675.G44 F56 1988
    Call Number: PN4867 .A97
    An annual guide to publications and broadcasting stations.
    Call Number: F804.A3 A52 1983
    Call Number: F802.C7 C72 1980
    Call Number: F804.D38 D3 1981
    Call Number: NB1856.C5 L57
    Call Number: CD3678.A1 R62
    Call Number: E159 .A38 1973
    Call Number: E202.5.N49 D38
    Call Number: E172.7 .H47
    Call Number: CS61 .H87 1976
    Call Number: Z733.C55 L53 1988
    Call Number: E202.5 .A164

    Handbooks and guides are excellent starting points for genealogical research.They can provide general background information on all aspects of the subject, define unfamiliar terms, and offer bibliographies of other sources.If there is an index, it should be used for best access to a subject.

    Describes retrieval of personal data about individuals from Census Bureau records.
    Call Number: CD1222 .S65
    Imagine Vince Camuto Womens OYA Pump Light Sand yUe9OpC
    Call Number: CS21 .R57
    Complete idiot's guide to online genealogy by McClure, Rhonda R.
    Call Number: CS16 .J3 1968
    Call Number: CS613 .B38 1991
    Call Number: CS16 .B23 1976
    Call Number: CS16 .D6 1992
    Call Number: CS16 .S8 1965
    Call Number: CS16 .E85 1971
    Call Number: CS16 .E9 1973
    Call Number: CS47 .G73 2000
    Call Number: CS49 .S65 1997
    Call Number: CS16 .R97
    Call Number: CS16 .S56 1991
    Call Number: CS2541 .B3 1982
    Call Number: CS2505 .C67 1967b
    Call Number: CS2545 .G6 1982
    Call Number: CS2385 .H27 1988
    Call Number: CS2485 .D53 2003
    Call Number: CS2375.G7 W5 1947
    Call Number: CS2745 .W66
    Call Number: Z5313.G69 B27
    Call Number: CS5 .B8
    Call Number: F791 .T85 1914
    Call Number: F791 .T85 2008
    Call Number: F795 .O45 1981
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, M61
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, M61, Calendar
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, M61, Guide
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, S73
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, S73, 1981
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, S73, Ser.1
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, T32
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, T32, Calendar
    Call Number: J87 .N6 F821.63, T32, Guide
    Call Number: U11.U5 H6 1965
    Call Number: CD3047 .M8
    Call Number: HA531.5 1890 .C462
    Call Number: Doc W45.5:
    Call Number: UB433 .C65 1984
    Call Number: UA23 .J58 1991
    Call Number: CS71.C499 C47 1989
    Call Number: F795 .C5 1975
    Call Number: F804.L86 D6 1983
    Call Number: F796.D29 H26
    Call Number: F804.H37 H5 1989
    Call Number: F796 .I29
    Call Number: F796 .M9 1983
    Call Number: F802.O7 O73 1981
    Call Number: F796 .R27 1912
    Call Number: F802.S5 S52 1979
    Call Number: CS159.B37 B375
    Call Number: CS299 .T67 1971
    Call Number: CS71.H4 1968

    Bibliographies suggest other sources of information, which may or may not be owned by the NMSU library.Books not owned by the NMSU library may be borrowed through interlibrary loan with the permission of the owning library.Non-students should use the Branigan Library interlibrary loan service.Many genealogical books are not available through interlibrary loan, but may be used in person at the owning library.

    Call Number: Z1236 .B74 1974
    Call Number: CD3678.A1 G46 1978
    Call Number: Z5313.G69 E23
    Call Number: Z5311 .F55 1975
    Call Number: E180 .F54 1985
    Call Number: Z688.G3 G54 1988
    Call Number: Z7164.I3 L2 1963
    Call Number: Doc LC 30.27:G 28
    Call Number: Z5301 .L68 1988
    Call Number: F180 .G853
    Call Number: Doc LC 1.6/5:15
    Call Number: Z5313.G4 S57
    (917) 609-8680
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    » Bars Nightlife » Upscale Lounges on the Upper West Side

    Posted by Johnston Murphy Mens Jarrell WingTip Oxfords Shoes Dark Brown HPra0
    onJan 27, 2016 in Bars Nightlife , Food Drink , Loeffler Randall Womens Logan Sneakers White/Rainbow FGWJztqT
    , Other

    There are many things to do in New York. One of the most emotionally rewarding, has to be a good Treat Yo Self day. Treat yo self is a termed coined by Donna and Tom. Two fictional characters of Parks and Recreation that took one day out of the year off from work simply to splurge on themselves. We all need those days. We need to take the time to enjoy the finer things in life. After all, we only have one life to live!

    There are three upscale Upper West Side restaurants that you’ve got to try if you’re going treat yo self . The first being a prohibition-era-esque lounge with Me Too Sapphire Nude Suede Bejeweled Ballet Flat Fuchsia Kid Suede 740IZ6Vu

    Smoke Jazz Supper Club

    On the outside the jazz lounge is humble with its appearance, meek with its all-around black exterior with brassy undertones and gold accents. It is so understated that it stands out amongst all of the other eateries around it. When you enter the lounge you are greeted by a neat and upscale ambience dressed in beautiful brick walls accompanied by beige and crimson accents with beautiful chandelier after beautiful chandelier hanging within feet of one another.

    Carolbar Womens Zipper Faux Fur Warm Winter Contrast Stitching Fashion Retro Mid Heel Short Boots Blue OnFHuv
    doesn’t have a 4.5 star rating for nothing. Open from 5:30 pm-3:30 am, you have different choices of menus based on whether or not there is a performer…oh did I forget to mention? Yeah. You get live jazz. It really doesn’t get any fancier than that. Enjoying soul food while listening to enticing music is definitely a strong way to treat yo self.

    If you’re able to get an early start on your day, you might find time to make your way to Boulud Sud , a beautiful and very posh Mediterranean restaurant. Complete with a bar, this HarleyDavidson Womens Elesia Slip On Slipper Black 9n2qqOB68
    offers an extremely modern design to its patrons. Although the restaurant is only open from 5am-11pm, upon visiting the restaurant you’re sure to be taken care of with great service and a beautiful presentation of entrees. Should you ever have time to visit Boulud Sud , the 4.5 star restaurant will be sure to appease you and your hunger.

    Boulud Sud

    Last but not least, the Lobby Lounge at the Mandarin Orientalis a must-visit hot spot. Located at the most upscale Upper West Side hotel , the hotel-lobby-inspired lounge is something nobody should have to miss. Each section of the restaurant/bar hybrid looks like the lobby of a different hotel. The beautiful landscape with ceiling to floor windows is to-die-for. Lobby Lounge is a very roomy space, perfect for hosting events, big meetings, and parties. The American-style restaurant has been featured on the likes of Converse Star Chuck Taylor Sneakers Charcoal P32FqsV2NJ
    as well as thrillest.com , letting its four star flag fly.

    United States Senator Edward J. Markey

    NIKE Air Max 2015 Womens Lt Retro/Blackflash Limeteal O73pb3wZ
    Immigrant Family Services Institute and Haitian Americans UnitedPresented by Marty Martinez, Chief of Health and Human Services, City of Boston and Marion Davis, Communications Director, MIRA Coalition

    Geralde Gabeau ,

    LOSLANDIFEN Womens Elegant Peep Toe Satin Pumps Ankle Straps Stiletto High Heel Wedding Shoes Ivory uaLNNE
    One Way VenturesPresented by Jeffrey Goldman, Chair, Governor’s Advisory Council on Refugees and Immigrants

    Semyon Dukach Eveline Buchatskiy ,

    Read about last year's gala►

    A group photo in the Senate chamber after a hard-fought victory: Arline Isaacson, Joel Rivera from MIRA, Cindy Rowe from JALSA, Amy Grunder and Eva Millona from MIRA, Senators Jamie Eldridge, Sonia Chang-Diaz and Sal DiDomenico, Gavi Wolfe and Laura Rótolo of the ACLU; Aaron Agulnek of JCRC, and Eldridge comms director Peter Missouri.

    BOSTON, May 23, 2018 – Last night, after a thoughtful and substantive debate, the Massachusetts Senate voted 25–13 to approve Sen. Jamie Eldridge’s amendment #1147 , which adds four key protections for immigrants to the state budget for FY2019.

    amendment #1147

    In particular, the amendment bars police from asking about people’s immigration status unless required by law; ends 287(g) contracts that deputize state and local law enforcement as ICE agents; requires that immigrants be notified of their due-process rights; and ensures that Massachusetts does not contribute to any registry based on religion, ethnicity, citizenship or other protected categories.

    The Senate then voted 25–13 to reject an amendment that included the same provisions, but also would have authorized police to detain immigrants for ICE, undoing the gains of the Supreme Judicial Court’s Lunn v. Commonwealth decision last year.

    El Naturalista Womens Nf32 Tulip Slide Sandal Nature wOxicNfU

    Alejandra St. Guillen, director of the Boston Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement, served as emcee. “Remember, this is house,” she said – regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

    The 22nd annual Immigrants’ Day at the State House was both a reckoning with the devastating impact of the Trump administration, and a reminder of the importance of state- and local-level action.

    BOSTON, April 4, 2018 – The theme of the day was “Immigrants get the job done,” and dozens of black-and-orange posters offered proof in numbers.

    1 in 5 workers in Massachusetts is an immigrant; 1 in 5 entrepreneurs, too; 59% of medical and life scientists. Immigrants in our state pay $8.4 billion in federal taxes each year, and $3.5 billion in state and local taxes. 7,100 workers are Salvadorans or Haitians with Temporary Protected Status.

    Sharing a knowledge and love of plants

    You are here: » » What is Interior Landscaping?

    What is Interior Landscaping?

    Posted at January 24, 2013 | By : La Sportiva Mutant Womens Trail Running Shoes SS18 Nepal Cube Gtx Yellow Talla 445 bxcTWBAk
    | Categories : | Easy Womens Vinyl Lounge House Slippers Adults White FZLlEAWpQy

    Interior landscaping is the practice of designing, arranging, and caring for living plants in enclosed environments. Creative Interior Plantscapes calls this ‘interior landscaping’ even though land is not literally being reshaped. ‘Interior landscaping’ is an appropriate term because indoor environments contain plains, angles, and horizons that are softened, accentuated or altered by the addition of plants and planters-thus landscaping the interior. Similar to outdoor landscapes, interior landscapes provide spaces with ornament, color, sculptural elements, focal points, and an overall pleasant environment.

    In the trade, interior landscaping is also known as plantscaping and interiorscaping. Interior landscape firms will use one of the three terms or a combination. While interior landscaping is an accurate description of this specialty, plantscape and interiorscape are words that were invented at the birth of the interior landscape industry to define the trade. Plantscape and interiorscape may have originated in the early 1970s as the name of interior landscape companies but have since then become generic phrases that describe the specialty.

    Academics and authors tend to be aligned with one term set with their own definition. Richard Gains, AIA the author of Interior Plantscaping (1977), says he uses the term plantscapes to “differentiate from interior landscape office planning.” Gains’ plantscape definition is restricted to plants within enclosed structures. Nelson Hammer, ASLA author of Interior Landscapes: An American Design Portfolio of Green Environments (1999) features gardens inside buildings defined as ‘interior landscapes’. Interestingly, Paul Cooper landscape architect and author of Interiorscapes: gardens within buildings (2003) extend his definition to include gardens that are “open to the air, as well as gardens that, although not contained by the architecture, are intrinsic to it.” ‘Interiorscape’ is also the name of a trade magazine for the interior landscape community. In contrast of the tendency to favor one term, the cover of Interiorscape magazine bears the slogan “interior plantscaper’s most read, most awarded information source since 1981.” While the definitions differ, Interior landscape, plantscape, and interiorscape are synonymous.

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